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My Internet Writing Life Motto is-
Keep it Poetry and Poetry Shall Keep You:,
Short Bio:Hazard…

I have to take the road that Bruce Lee
took towards the Martial Arts, as an
Analogy here. Like Water;
I take the Literature Arts of Poetry.
In the beginning I used free verse,
swift rhyming, lyrical, metal-rap-groove verse.
With definition and aggression.
Now I try different systems,
in all genres, as always,
And put them to my personal use,
furthermore put to use what is useful
when needed, and reject what I don’t need
at the time for a specific write.
Using no specific way is the way,
I am the way I write, but keeping in mind,
the tools at hand. No limitations as the limitation.
With all poetry styles ( trapping, and grabbing)-
(Mind locks-Heart locks-Spiritual locks-)
Honestly expressing ones self is difficult to do:
The Poet, the creating individual is always
more important than any style or system.
Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless,
And add to what is your own.
I write my own interpretation of poetry.
Concepts behind concepts.
Dedicating to creating
creative new-original thoughts, and poetry.
Like I write with one hand,
but if I could write with the other,
at the same time, a different poem,
that would be to break boundaries.
As asking multi-tasking: Poetry styles separate poets.
Style is a continuous growth.
Poetry skills/tools are weapons and you have
to use all of them, to incorporate all styles.
(Move all parts of your poetry)
Put everything into it, all energy.
Rest then progress.
A true poet is constantly growing,
and when he or she are bound by a set of styles,
or a way of doing things, that’s when he,
or she stops growing.
To reach a reader you have to move
to them, advance, and retreat- advance retreat,
furthermore slide and step back, push,
and push back, circle them
( put the reader on defense),
and close them in, and hit them
with the best closure.
Poetry is like water, flexible, it has to go somewhere.
-… …-
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“EXECUTION DOCK #7 by John E. WordSlinger is an arresting screenplay, very poetically written, which requires an audience to make moral judgments. The scenes in the story will remind us of a mixed theatricality of Shakespearean and Roman tragedy. Here the ambiguity of today’s world takes a psychological approach to the readers through the truthful reactions of characters. In this book, harrowing pictures of the dagger of darkness run through pages with rhythmic metaphorical movement; and Devil, Priest, Serpents, Dwarfs, Mermaids, Giants, Judge, Snails, Soldier, Knight, Bones and Humans all gather to create sequence of thoughtful events that leads us to an obvious answer where only interpretation from an honest heart belongs. The author’s poetical expertise emphasizes on our social diseases based on political, racial and theological eczema. Does devil win or is it the innocence of our souls: the ultimate winner? Inside our mind this amazing book will disinter it all.” _ Munia Khan…

SAM: Screenplay #6 by John E. WordSlinger
Drama “Intriguing short story screenplay by Wordslinger, captivates the journey of but a glimpse of Scottys Life, in twists and turns of Scottys beginning and middle, … leaves the readers with a heart encompassing feel for this runaway, found Again.” -Kimberly Wagner… A Story of a Dog, a Young Man, Family, and Time furthermore union, separation, reunion, growing up, survival, and being positive in negative situations.

 LOULIAS’ BUNKER #5 screenplay (Also book of Poetry) “When darkness coaxes the world to believe the lies, when terror’s breathlessness becomes an ally to the smoke-filled sky, then nothing else but the verses of bravery can relentlessly fight for the truth to let our world breathe again. Loulias’ Bunker written by John E. WordSlinger is such a collection of versified stories where each page has been consecrated by the blood stained ink from the heart of a patriotic poet. Poems here are the voices of historical time and reality reverberating through the slogans of humanity. Here as the lines grow stronger and stronger signifying the recurrence of hopeful harmony, the symbolic adventures of poetic diction lay in the fusion of revolutionary ideals and dreams. This book will let the readers realize how the heat of weapons needs to be subsided by the warmth of tears and how the somnolent rectitude of today’s world should be wide awakened by morality’s grace. Indeed, it’s time to store the fuel for Loulias’ Bunker!” _ Munia Khan

STARKILL #4 screenplay

🐴🐎 🐴🐎 🐴🐎 🐴🐎

FOUR HORSES AND NO MEN #3 a story & screenplay by John E WordSlinger Genre: NU-HORROR, WWWorrrrrrdddsssslllllllliiiinnnngggggggerrrr Style

Crazy Canyon Kate is a white North American Mustang, with blue eyes, with lighter/whiter stripes on her legs, furthermore has a Virgo tattoo/divine brand mark on her, and wears a golden silk scarf. Ruby Barb is a red Russian Draft Horse with green eyes, and has a Libra tattoo/aka divine brand mark on her. Sky Horn, Sue Lahn Karmalea, the Wind -Flying Horse is a black Ferghana & Akhal-Teké Chinese Horse with red hot coal eyes, and wears a black scarf, furthermore has a Scorpio tattoo/aka divine brand mark on her. Zera the Desert Queen is a smokey green, with little green spots on her gray coat. She is an Arabian Horse, and with one black eye and one green. She was born with a star on her neck, she has a Sagittarius tattoo /aka divine brand mark on her. CHAPTER I The Hell-fare State CHAPTER II The Curtains of the Sky Opens CHAPTER III The Crunch of Bones Show CHAPTER IV New Shoes CHAPTER V Fly on the Wall CHAPTER VI The Hoofbeats Echo CHAPTER VII Divine Sisterhood CHAPTER VIII Temples CHAPTER IX Tombs & Surprises CHAPTER X Return to the Human Fair/Skull Fetching CHAPTER XI Bastard Land CHAPTER XII No Longer Can Anyone Call A Town A One Horse Town An Apocalyptic Inverted Misanthropy Adventure:

FOUR HORSES & NO MEN (Olan L. Smith ART) / FOUR HORSES & NO MEN (Rajesh Misra ART)

Harold is a Mastermind Ghost & Poltergeist Trainer and Electronic Saboteur in a modern world gone to the digital dogs. TIME KIN (CALLUSANDRIX) #2 screenplay

th’PAXSTERS #1 screenplay A story of two country ladies who figure out how to bring the world to true order. They used Mother Nature and the internet since it began to accomplish their goals, but their goals were not just theirs, they were a majority, and majority rules. They also go on the hunt for Jesse James gold, to pay for many debts. And put worldwide view on Abortion. Their team is world wide, and they make the Hermitage, the Home of Andrew Jackson, the new Capital of the World. They bring world peace to the world, and solve world hunger, furthermore putting abortion to a halt!.

Interview on most above mentioned on
2013 Princeton Illinois Interview
‘Poetry Train America’ Princeton poet rides the rails By Goldie Currie


The Slingtionarious Wictionary This is a book of designed words along with definitions and poems with the sketched words by the Poet John E. WordSlinger. He established himself as a Poet on the 15th of October of the year 1987, in Willow Springs, IL by writing poetry at a picnic, and since then he has written poetry, music, historical fiction, legal bills, and screenplays, furthermore words. Readers of John gave him the name WordSlinger, and called his work Slingtionarious. John came home early from roofing one day that day, and seen his street musician friend Mr. Landrum who was doing what he loves to do, and that was to play bongos and other percussion instruments to make a dollar on the streets of Seattle, and John stopped by listened for a while, and asked Michael if he would like to go to lunch, John was buying. Michael agreed and upon lunch, John had a couple of notebooks with him. Michael asked what they were. John replied one is a journal of my time here in Seattle, and one is poetry I ‘am writing. Michael asked John if he could read the poems, and John agreed. John was looking at everyone walk by outside, and after a while. Michael said, “Oh man, you are the ultimate WordSlinger, and that’s what I ‘am going to call you the WordSlinger”. John laughed and thought about and said, “I like that John E. WordSlinger.” In the year of 2008 of December John signed up on a online poetry website called as WordSlinger, and after about a year he earned a following for his poetry, and Poets noticed his signature poetry and more then that his designed words. The Poet MS. LaShell aka Tender Poison who has read many poems of Johns, and one day she left a comment, “You should start a Slingtionarious Wictionary.” So Elayne coined this delightful term for Johns’ talent. John loved this, and kept in his journals, and did just that, started ‘The Slingtionarious Wictionary,” Furthermore John collaborated with Poets from that Poetry website and two Poems are presented in this book. Collaborations with Malik Petterson and Kimberly Hillard. In this book of word sketches aka designed words and poetry. You will read of words created and poems written from the years of 2005 forward. This book also has Johns’ definitions of his word sketches. John calls all of his literary work, Nudged Sketches of Flighty Things.

My Human Leakage Test On January 25th, 2014 John E. WordSlinger took Veteran Jester 1 to Edward Himes Jr Hospital in Chicago, and it was colder then he could remember ever in Chicago. The wind was cutting through the bones, and the ground was pounding cold. The snow that was plowed along the parking lots were 15 feet high. Once inside the book ‘On Photography’ by Susan Sontag’ was given to him by request, and inspired this book of Poetry, to inspire the next generation of Poets worldwide. There’s a war on Poetry and the Poets are winning.

Theater of Thunder The Poetry of John E. WordSlinger Love, Romance, and light Erotica Poetry.

American-Jamaican Anthology of Original Poetry

(Also unfinished songs (music) by John E. WordSlinger with Begets of Autumn

To Fetch My Tennis Racket For Wasps: Poetry Divinized
American-Jamaican Anthology of Original Poetry
Proverbe’s de’ les Roses
Three Poems have been published in The Other Side of the Screen:
Poems, ‘the Orca and the Owl,’ ‘Starfish Starfish,” and “Red Kettle,” Paperback – July 21, 2015 by Alicja Kuberska (Author), Danuta B (Contributor)
“You Didn’t Tell Me You Were A Poet (Poem)” is available along with many other Poets and Poems world wide. This is a Poetry International Anthology, Dedicated to Love. 

John E. WordSlinger th’King of th’Poets of Blood Volumes 1 & 2


VIDEO: TRAIN STATIONS via Chicago Metra,Texas Eagle & Sunset Limited Trains Amtrak
Train Stations via Chicago Metra, Texas Eagle & Sunset Limited Trains Amtrak Videography & Photography of John E. WordSlinger

Begets of Autumns’ co-song writer 1987 to 2003 Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals.


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